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3D Product Model

Primarily using Adobe Aero and Adobe Dimension, I created this 3D model of a product, a smoothie made by the Sacramento Smoothie Co. This particular flavor is strawberry, but the product line is vegan and used only ethically-sourced plant-based ingredients. The woman pictured beside the bottle is a typical consumer of a product such as this. The packaging materials are glass and it is filled with another material to appear full. The avatar and bottle have animations that can be previewed on any device with Adobe Aero installed.

The name of my product is Sacramento Smoothie Co. I chose this name for the brand because the person in my user persona is living on the West Coast. The user is someone who values locally and ethically made products, so an organic, close to home beverage company was a good fit. I also did some searching to find out where in the United States almonds and other potential vegan smoothie ingredients might be produced. California produces a lot of produce and almonds as well. This was also something that I chose to incorporate into the description on the label. The typography on the label is made up of only one family, aside from the nutritional label which has more strict parameters. I settled on using a typeface called New Order for its simplicity and readability from its lightest weight to the heaviest weight. The user is also someone who is trendy and fashionable. A sans serif was the only choice that made sense to me. Keeping it limited to the single family for the entire logo and copy on the label meant having a consistent brand with no unnecessary frills.

You can scan this QR code to give it a try. It is a new technology, so understand that it might not be seamless but it is definitely worth it to give it a try. This is also the philosophy that I had throughout this project because it was my first experience in the world of augmented reality design.

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