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Animal Illustrations

These animals are made only with the letters that spell their species. Some letter shapes lend themselves well to the contours of an animal body. Other have to be rotated, flipped, recolored, and scaled to effectively communicate the body as intended. This project incorporated many of these tactics, yet none of the letters are sliced or broken apart in any way.

The first of these was the macaw. A large feathered bird, the tall and varied strokes of Fino Sans provided consistent directional lines with plenty of variety. This illustration is my personal favorite because of the strong pose and clear feather texture.

The sloth was likely the most difficult animal to illustrate in this series. With limited letters and poses for the animal, layering and coloring the illustration strategically was the best solution. The lowercase letter 't' is used as the claws and gives this otherwise simple illustration an element of detail.

The frog was the last of the illustrations created for this series, after struggling with primates and difficulty adding color, I thought what better character to include than the animal that is so often used as a symbol for rainforest conservation. The frog incorporates bright hues and many joints which adds a nice complexity to the series.

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