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JCC Syracuse

The first image is the cover page of a yearly publication for The Jewish Community Center of Syracuse that I worked on these past two years. A major portion of this involves sorting and updating imagery, as well as updating camp information.

The above spread is an example of what the inside of the summer camp guide would look like. In addition to the summer camp guide, I was also the lead designer on the fall, spring, and winter guides. Though these guides were smaller and required less planning.

Klezfest is one of the biggest events that I was able to design for while working with the JCC. It is the largest Jewish festival in the state of New York (outside of NYC itself). This is one of the posters created to display around the community to attract attendees.

One of my favorite projects that I got to work on was the recreation of a folder to house documents that would be used in the JCC and distributed to memebers. Since the redesign of the JCC logo from a bright green to its new light blue, the folder and stationary needed updated as well. The JCC loves to feature photos of members on their print materials, so that was important to include here as well.

This is one of many smaller placements that I had created on behalf of the JCC os Syracuse. There are a number of publications (both print and digital) that the JCC advertises in each month. This partiular ad ran throughout the school year in publications such as The Family Times, Hula Frog, and CNY Magazine.

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