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Original Typeface

This typeface is inspired my a member of the S.I. Newhouse faculty at Syracuse University. This was my first time designing a typeface and I could not be happier with the outcome. I was able to work with Anthony D'Angelo, a Professor of Practice in Public Relations. This began as a series of interviews to get to know him and decide on the qualities that would be reflected in the design. Industrious was recognized in the Graphis New Talent Annual with a Silver Award in the categories Type Fonts A–Z.

I hoped to capture the qualities of Anthony D'Angelo in the initial sketch. Much like its muse, Industrious is defined by diligence, hard work and perseverance, skills that take impressive patience and dedication to master. A tall, lightweight, sans serif display typeface with fine details that set it apart from others, Industrious is distinct and memorable. Its tall x-height conveys the confidence and competence of a true professional; and its glyphs are precise and clean without flourishes to detract from its streamlined properties, yet driven, energetic and optimistic, just like the world-class PR pro and seasoned educator Industrious honors.

Creating this typeface taught me so much about the design process—and to trust it. Searching for similarities and elements among the glyphs to recycle for consistency and uniformity was an eye-opening experience, and I now look at other typefaces through a whole new lens. Each has its own voice, and I learned to create one for Industrious. I consider the most beautiful element of Industrious to be its slanted shoulders, but they were only one of many ideas I developed along the way, and what began as a motley cluster of scattered concepts, I was able to narrow and mold into a typeface with a consistent tone and shape. In the process, I grew as a designer with each iteration, and I am proud of what I created as a result.

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