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Product Branding

Eclipse lotions is a comprehensive branding campaign that I created from scratch. The first step was choosing a product to create, then design that product's logo and packaging. The product that I created is a line of sunscreen and skincare products for before and after sun care. One element to protect, with one for relief.

Once the product and logo were settled, we then created a print campaign involving a magazine advertisement or flyer, and the business cards that would be given to potential sellers or consumers. Eclipse is meant to feel light and have some whimsy, without sacrificing quality.

The imagery associated with Eclipse is beachy and fun. Even though the logo only uses black and white, the advertisements did not have to be that way. This is how I made the brand avoid falling flat.

The second large portion of the project involved using Adobe XD to create a website for both mobile and desktop. The desktop is wide, with the same typographic styles to keep the brand identity consistent and readable.

The mobile version of the site was adapted to fit the smaller, vertical screen. It features all of the same information, with smaller text and simpler menus. The biggest addition is the navigation and menu page that is often seen on mobile devices.

This comprehensive campaign is one of the most involved projects that I have worked on, with many kinds of design that had to be used. I focused on branding, advertising, and user experience design to develop this brand and its campaigns.

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