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Type Specimen

This small booklet highlights the design elements as well as the unique features of one of my favorite typefaces, Quiche Sans. It was designed by Adam Ladd and is heavily influenced by 18th century typeface, Didone.

These spreads each feature different characteristics that stand out and make this typeface unique. I personally love the variation of this typeface from the lightest weight with hairline strokes to the heavy black weight that make a statement on any application.

One aspect of this project that I enjoyed was the opportunity to experiment with different sizes and weights of one single typeface on a sigle spread. Additionally, I was limited to only using Quiche Sans in the specimen booklet. This meant getting creative with layouts and developing themes.

This word search-esque spread is one of my favorites from the project. The majority of the words are written in the weight highlighed in red, while the other wirds are the names of French desserts. This easter-egg rewarded anyone who took a deeper look at my design work and inspires me to continue addressing small details in everything I create.

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