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Typographic History Poster

This poster is not only inspired by, but also highlights the history and work of legendary type designer, Zuzana Licko. The two typefaces used on the poster are Triplex Cond Sans OT and Variex OT, which were both designed by Licko. The stylisitic choices, such as the use of true cyan and magenta, were because of Licko's work on Emigre, the design magazine that often pushed design boundaries during its print run.

Information does not need to be presented in a flat or boring way. Posters such as these are one of many ways that designers find to present history, biography, instruction, or other educational information in a beautiful way. Licko is one of my favorite designers and I have always admired her style. The half-tone dots are just one more allusion to her work as an early adaptor of digital design technology.

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